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since 1933


About US

Our History

Avery Clark Produce Company was founded by Mr. James A. Clark in 1933. It started out as a small produce company, mostly servicing corner grocery stores and delis. The first location was in Frederick, MD on East Street until the company was sold to FoodPRO Corporation in 2019. At the height of their business. Avery Clark Produce had 8 trucks and 12 employees. The company’s core value was to be a community-based business that provides hand-picked produce to customers in Frederick City and its surrounding areas. 

Avery Clark Today

James Clark’s son, Jeff, took over management of the company in 2000 and continued managing Avery Clark Produce up until he sold the business in 2019 to FoodPRO Corporation. Jeff kept with their core values providing personal service and focusing on quality and freshness.

Jeff and his wife, Barb, would remain on staff at FoodPRO, helping to ensure the legacy of Avery Clark Produce would continue. FoodPRO realized the value of the Avery Clark brand, and continues to provide high quality produce to restaurants, schools, day cares and healthcare customers in the Frederick – D.C. –  Northern Virginia market.

About US

Where We're Located

Avery Clark Produce is located at the FoodPRO location of 321 East 5th Street in Frederick, MD. Only a quarter mile from the original Avery Clark location. Both family-owned companies were founded over 85 years ago and together remain true to their passion for delivering Honesty, Integrity, and Transparency to all customers.