Avery's Harvest Highlights

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As the summer of 2024 heats up, so do the food trends that are captivating chefs and restaurant operators. From innovative culinary techniques to this season promises a vibrant and dynamic dining experience. Here’s a closer look at what’s trending in the culinary world this June.

Innovative Culinary Techniques

Hyper-Local Sourcing

  •  With supply chains facing challenges, there’s a growing trend towards hyper-local sourcing. Chefs are increasingly turning to local farms and producers to ensure freshness and support the local economy. This approach not only guarantees high-quality ingredients but also reduces carbon footprints.

Plant-Based Menus

  •  The demand for plant-based options continues to soar. This summer, expect to see more creative and hearty plant-based dishes that cater to a variety of dietary preferences. From plant-based meats to innovative uses of vegetables, chefs are pushing the boundaries of what plant-based cuisine can be.

Sustainable Seafood

  •  Sustainability remains a critical focus. The spotlight is on sustainably sourced seafood, with chefs incorporating more eco-friendly options into their menus. This trend is driven by both consumer demand and a commitment to preserving marine ecosystems.

Trending Ingredients & Dishes

Tri-Color Couscous

  • Roland Tri-Color Couscous is making waves as a versatile and visually appealing ingredient. It’s being featured in salads, bowls, and as a side dish, adding a pop of color and texture to summer menus.

Specialty Melons 

  • As cantaloupe and honeydew seasons peak, there’s a growing interest in specialty melons. Varieties like Galia and Charentais are being celebrated for their unique flavors and sweetness, making them perfect for summer desserts and refreshing salads.

Exotic Fruits

  • The exotic fruit trend continues with fruits like dragon fruit, passion fruit, and lychee becoming more mainstream. These fruits not only offer unique flavors but also add an exotic flair to dishes and beverages

Adapting to Market Challenges

Flexible Menus

  • With certain produce items facing supply issues, flexibility in menu planning is crucial. Restaurants are advised to stay adaptable, offering seasonal specials that can be adjusted based on ingredient availability.

Alternative Ingredients

  • When specific items like iceberg lettuce or certain citrus fruits are in short supply, exploring alternative ingredients can help maintain menu variety and quality. For example, using different types of leafy greens or experimenting with lesser-known citrus varieties can keep dishes fresh and interesting.

Enhanced Preservation Techniques

  • To combat the volatility in supply, many chefs are turning to advanced preservation methods. Techniques like pickling, fermenting, and curing not only extend the shelf life of ingredients but also add depth of flavor to dishes.

As we navigate the culinary landscape this summer, staying informed about market trends and being adaptable will be key to success. Embracing new techniques, focusing on sustainability, and celebrating seasonal ingredients will ensure that menus remain vibrant and appealing to diners.